Friday, May 31, 2019

Many Ways to express Art

Creativity comes in so many forms.  I use paper to draw on, with pen, pencil, colored pencil or watercolor.  It is often one or two dimensional, at best, but I can bring myself great joy, just by sitting down and drawing for a few hours.  It feeds my soul.

This past week, we drove several hours to see an exhibit of paper....more importantly, the work of Isabelle de Borchgrave.  She has taken three dimensional art to a whole different place.  Her paper creations have resulted in the most amazing art....totally out of the box, but not too modern for my tastes.  I am a traditionalist at heart and her work made my heart sing.

It sounds simple, doesn't it?
But....wait until you see what she has created!
Next Photo please....

I am starting with her simple work.
This is made from paper.  The ties are also made from paper
The paper is all hand painted.
Every thing that Isabelle creates is done with paper...

Well, here is where it gets tricky....
This entire dress is made from paper...the ENTIRE  dress!!
She also created shoes to match ...well, I shall continue......

I learned that Isabelle became very interested in this craft at a young age.  She found a source for large rolls of hand made paper, in Africa and had it shipped to Belgium, I believe.  Then she let her creativity soar.

She started replicating the Master Painters (this one based 
on a painting of Charlotte - Marguerite de Montmorency, by Peter Paul Rubens, 
on loan from the Frick Museum in Pittsburgh)
Even the pearls and the lace are paper  All the gold brocade is paper.
We were allowed to get up close and personal to see the detail.
I almost thought the guards were going to grab me by the coat tails
and put me in 'cuffs', I was so very close to each mannequin.  

It really is all paper!

It's all in the details.
(yes, even the ring is made from paper and how about those cuffs of lace?)

the painting was exquisite.
The folds of the material astonished me.

I had two favorites, which were so delicate and beautiful that I wanted to take them home.  See for yourself, and let me know what you think.  

No words to capture the delicacy of this dress.
Remember...this is paper!! 

 details that make me swoon.

This was my second favorite dress.
It reminded me of Spring!

more details....

All of the jewelry:  crowns, pearls, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and even the netting was created from fine paper crafting.  She also made each of the Mannequins to properly show their gowns.  There were also children and males in  clothing of the same time period. 

The show will be over this weekend, and I am not sure just where it is heading next, but if you see anything in your area, regarding this show, please don't miss it.  It is a different context for Art, but,  Isabelle de Borchgrave has mastered it.  Bravo to Isabelle.

Back to is some of the work that I tried to "master' this month:

found this crocus, half done and finished it up.
Just a sweet nod to Spring.

I was fiddling with this one, and my neighbor stopped by,
and loved it so much that I gave it to her.

I have been wanting to paint a peony, especially a tree peony for some time.  Well, this was the moment and here it is:

Tree Peony

I sat down at my desk and realized that an Amaryllis bulb was sitting there, and starting to bloom again.  It needs to be placed in a paper bag and cooled for awhile, and then replanted, but in the meantime, I just started drawing it....couldn't help myself.  

Amaryllis bulb
colored pencil

I have just started another drawing that was stuck in a pile.  It was a large sketch of some beets, so I found some photos to match the color and off I went with the colored pencils.  I will share it on my instagram, when it is complete.  (Just look for Cynthiasbotanicalarts on instagram).  That is where I put all of my art work through out the month.  Otherwise, you can just come back here and have a visit with me each month.

colored pencil

Here is a quote that I found on Facebook.  It was written on the outside of a changing room in a small shop on Sanibel Island, Florida.  June will begin a summer of Celebration for me and my sweet hubby.  I will have yet, another birthday, and we will be celebrating an EPIC  anniversary.  So, I am sharing this lovely quote, with thanks to the very wise person that wrote it, because it pretty much sums up my feelings as the celebrations begin.  Peace - Harmony - Laughter - Love....

I want to age like sea glass.
Smoothed by tides
But not broken.
I want to ride the wave
And let it carry me
To where I belong.

I want to be picked up
And held gently by
Those who delight
 In my well earned patina

And appreciate the changes
I went through to achieve that beauty.
I want to enjoy the journey
And always remember that
If you give the ocean
Something breakable,
It will turn into something beautiful.

I want to age like sea glass.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Merry Month of May!

Hello Friends

April was filled with travel and health, which pretty much consumed the month.  We had a wonderful, though very short, trip to Colorado.  We hadn't planned to go there in April, as that is not the best month for our favorite state.  We had snow, rain, sun, wind and dust within four days!  That's April in Colorado.   We were able to squeeze in time with many friends, along with physical check ups, and a gathering of friends from long ago, celebrating a reunion of sorts.

As we arrived, we were met with snow.  I do not have that many clothes that add warmth on cold days, but I wore several layers and off we went.  

It's April - It's snowing!
We didn't see a lot of sunshine on this trip, but trust me,
Colorado can have beautiful, sunny days at the drop of a hat.

See, the sun popped out for an hour or two, as we walked the Boulder Mall.
The Buffalo holds a lot of meaning for us.
We both graduated from the University of Colorado
where "Ralphie" continues to be the mascot.
Colorado is also known for it's wild west and it's great Buffalo, who still roam the foothills.

The Boulder Mall is filled with
walkers, musicians, kids, families
and fun shopping.
My Favorites are:  The Peppercorn; Boulder Book Store;
Two Hands Paperie,
and The Spruce Street Confection.
Oh my, so much fun.

As brief as it was, we had to leave Colorado, and head home to warmer days and the Beach.  The first thing that we did upon our return, was take a beach walk.  We found a parking place with ease, now that the crowds are thinning.  

The mountains are wonderful, but the water draws me every time.

Even the seabirds were celebrating the beautiful day, by flying in perfect formation.
They flew back and forth for most of our walk, keeping us mesmorized.

Our Orchids just keep getting better.  I know that you might grow weary of endless photos of them, but I just can't resist.  We also had a lovely surprise - a cactus bloomed for a day or two and left us thrilled.  I was able to get some photos of it, before we lost the bloom.  Enjoy!

Can you believe all of these blooms??
These are happy Orchids!

More blooms to come.

Upon returning home, I had surgery.  It was a necessary surgery that should seem minute, but in fact, sort of knocked me out for a week.  I was unable to eat more than soft foods, for two weeks, and healing rest replaced exercise.  This, of course, allowed me to draw and paint!  I love that!  It felt like i made lemonade from lemons, for sure.  So here is what I did:

I played around with this photo.
It's nice to see the values of a painting
and options in my photoshop allow for this.
Much fun and very helpful.

A "Johnny Jump Up" for spring!

Oops!  forgot to show you the blooming Cactus.
This was a first for us.
Quite delightful!

Not sure why I did this one.
I saw the cherries in a magazine and just started to play!
Mixed media: water color and colored pencil. 

More sketching from a book:
Sarah Simblet's "botany for the artist"
(yes, lower case letters in title)

My watercolor group gathers once a week.
This painting is a Hellebore  - from a photo given to me by PN, who paints in oil.
I enjoyed recreating the image in watercolor.

Last but not least, I found a couple of pieces of art that needed a bit of work.  One, I believe is hopeless, but I tried.  Sometimes, you just get a lemon.  

What can I say....I tried!
Cactus in colored pencil
(I tried this in watercolor, and it was worse)
Oh Well.....

The other is a memory of my Colorado lilacs.
It has always proved to be an illusive quest, when growing lilacs in Colorado.  Either, it is too dry and the blooms are sparse, or we get walloped by a snowstorm and they are lost in a moment.  So, this painting shows the tenacity of the Colorado lilac, which have always been one of my very favorites!

Lilac in Watercolor

And..... that's it for this month.  I was filled with a lot of great and a little 'not so great', but I sure did enjoy making lemonade!  

(that includes all the caretakers of children.
 your love supports the "Mom's" of children
every day, in so many ways."

Enjoy these lovely days of spring.  Soon the heat of summer will fill your days.  Until then,