Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Spring Break!

Hello Friends!
It's been a wild winter in Florida.  With all the cold weather up north, many friends have come down to visit us in Florida.  We have had a mild winter, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.

It is Spring Break down here....for the last three weeks, and the next few ahead.  That means twice the traffic, reservations needed for any restaurant that will take them; long lines; crowded beaches and just lots of congestion, everywhere.  It's hard on the 'locals' of which, I am now, one.

But, I do not begrudge people for wanting to warm their bones and walk the beach.  I get it!  However, with so much hosting and congestion, I am weary and ready for a bit more quiet.  It's coming.  Traffic is lighter...and there is a parking space at the beach.   Soon, everyone will head North, to tend their gardens, or enjoy spring in their home state.  I will miss my friends and company and the flowers that bloom in the north.  It's definitely a 'flip-flop' in seasons.  We head indoors, while the northerners head outside.

Of course, you know, that I will have more time for painting and drawing!!   My neighbor and I have started drawing with a few friends, each Thursday.  We pack up our art supplies - and pop over to each others homes, for a morning of drawing or painting.  There will be a smaller group this summer, but we will try to continue painting together, as it is a wonderful time of sharing art,

First, I want to share our Orchids....still working on blooming for a few of them, but several have popped open this week.  They are stunning and so easy to grow...with blooms that last for a long time.  They will carry us through to early summer.  Here they are!

Can you see the number of blooms still to open?  This is one plant!!

Again, this has not completed it's blooms yet - but it is on it's way!

These are miniatures - tucked in a pot of flowers.

We have other things growing in the garden, as well.  Our Australian Tree Fern is opening up another frond and it's always beautiful to see the transition a it opens.

Unfurling it's beauty!
Australian Tree Fern

Our Coffee beans are ready for picking....again!

Sometimes, we actually buy some beautiful flowers at the grocery.
These beauties would not thrive in our warm weather, and I miss them.
Thank you to my sweet hubby!

Watercolor of coffee bean tree.
Notice the different color of the berries.
This was done earlier in the season.

The berries reveal their beans!
These must dry out before they can be  roasted.
But, as you can tell, I am anticipating some
good coffee!

I was watching television one evening, and started doodling.
This painting, on a very poor scratch pad, actually turned out pretty well.

This is a study that I worked on, trying to recreate sea glass.
I can't say that I nailed it, but I learned a lot.
I continue to challenge myself, within my abilities.
I will never claim to be a great artist, but I will work on giving it my best for the rest of my days.

The rest of the month will be filled with some surgery and a trip to Colorado.  It's time to take care of my health and also to re-connect with our 'peeps', now that the snow is slowly (very slowly) disappearing.  It's been a difficult year for many of our friends, and we are hoping to spend some quality time visiting as many friends as we can.  These trips are exhausting, but they fill my soul to the brim with love and happiness.  So onward and forward......

I may miss May...or I might just surprise you.....depending on time and energy.  

Until the next time: