Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Marching in Nature

Hello friends - this month has just flown by and I am totally behind the eight ball, so far.  We have had oodles of guests in the last month, which not only means lots of fun, but lots of cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  It's worth it, but painting time has certainly been on the back burner.

I am grateful that we live in a climate which has been so pleasant, that friends and family want to come and visit.  I am sad, that the weather elsewhere has been pretty crazy (and mighty cold) this winter.  I expected that Spring would start popping up, but what I am hearing is a continuation of winter snow.  Hang will be here in no time!

Right now, we are awaiting our Orchids, which bloom at this time of year.  We have about six or seven and they all have blooms coming.  Only one orchid is starting to flower and it takes time for the flowers to bloom, because they stay for a very long time.  So get ready for next month....I will blow you away with Orchids.

Selby Botanic Gardens is celebrating Paul Gauguin this month and we stopped in for a stroll to see the interpretation of his art through sculpture and flowers.

What a view of Sarasota Bay.
I loved the creative theme and the Tahitian flavor.

Selby Gardens brings in many variations of Orchids
and creates backdrops that would bring Gauguin and his travels to mind.

peace can always be found in the gardens.

and sometimes, a bit of birding
(the green around the eyes means that this egret is getting ready to nest)

sculptures created for the exhibit

We also spent some time at Historic Spanish Point, in Osprey, FL.  It is a wonderful place of Florida History, surrounded by Nature.  The walk usually takes an hour or two and is filled with surprises.  I took several photos of some greenery, and an unusual butterfly.

I cannot name either the butterfly or the flowers,
but the invasive "mother-in-laws" tongue is surrounding them.

Because my time was limited this month and I spent some time cleaning up my spaces, I found some old (very old) paintings that had been completed years ago.  They were bundled in a folder, which I discovered quite by accident.  I couldn't help but want to make a few changes to these pieces.  I have decided that some are hopeless, no matter what I do, and others just might be okay for use in some space.  You can decide for yourself.  These are all examples of 'wastebasket' art.  But,  it does show you that for every great piece of art, there are many, many, many bad that come before.

a sketch, done in Maui, years ago.
Large Heliconia

Tulips - yikes - so bad!!

Another attempt at Tulips.
Those are suppose to be stripes of pale blue
in the background.

Acorn Squash - not so bad!

As you can see, I had quite a pile.
I did manage to buy some radishes at the market and somehow I was
able to paint them in little bits of time; here and there.

Radishes in water color.

I am working on something fun for next month, that we have grown in our garden.

Life continues to fly by, but finding moments for drawing or painting, brings such joy to my life.  I know that next month, I will have Orchids to share - the real thing.  I know that I will have at least one painting completed in my series of three.  Hopefully, I will have more.