Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Celebrating Botanicals!

We received beautiful flower bulbs for the Holidays.
We had blooms from December through January and into February.
This Amaryllis had over six blooms on it.
It was absolutely stunning!!

The gift of flowers cannot be underestimated.  Through out the Holidays, we watched, as several Amaryllis bloomed at the same time.  We were touched, but also amazed, at how many blooms came from these plants.  The most spectacular was this beautiful white amaryllis.  The plant was propped up on all sides, as the large flowers overwhelmed their stocks.  It was joyful and breathtaking, and brought us into the New Year with a sense of hope.  

Blooms, Blooms....everywhere!!

Capturing the color within the color was a challenge.
(The pool was trying to compete....)

Wanting to capture the plants proved to be a challenge.  Several of my former teachers are on Instagram.  I love their work, so I asked one of them, "What colored pencils do you use in your work?"  Gratefully, she responded that she used several different pencils and left me with the following names:  "Pablo" Caran d'Ache;  Irojiten/Tombow; and Bruynzeel.  
I went to my favorite place to order art supplies - Dick Blick - and splurged on new colored pencils to start out the new year.

Oh my.....Such Fun!!

I had started this with my Prismacolors......

But, finished up with a combination of "new" and old colored pencils.
Now, that was fun!!

Switching over to watercolor, I have started my "radish" painting

I was grateful to have some time to work this past month.  I finished up the colored pencil Sunflower and bought a bunch of radish at the store.  They were calling to me....."Watercolor.....Watercolor...", so I listened.  It is good to switch from one medium to another.  I am certainly enjoying this one.

And....last, but not least...

Look what we found; just in time for Valentine's Day!  We are growing more coffee beans!  Sweet hubby is picking them and I will peel and let them dry, before we roast them for a Valentine's Day espresso.  


Until next time.....