Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 - Here We Come!

Life is sometimes a blur and the last two months have been just that.  Of course, most of it has been fun and filled with laughter. Family & friends.  Maybe, it is true.....time does fly when you are having fun....and when you are not...."  

Mid-December, we took a mighty hit....well, my car did.  SOME ONE WAS TEXTING  and hit my sweet hubby (who was at a stop light) at 40 m.p.h.!!  Not fun! Scary! Painful! Expensive!  but I am grateful.  My sweet hubby walked away from this.  He was badly bruised and shaken up, but okay.
That was my Christmas gift!

Sweet "Kiwi" was totaled!!

I was sadly saying goodbye to my car
when the tow truck operator reminded me:
"Be grateful....this car saved your husband's life"

As Oprah has said many times: " Sometimes we get a tap on the shoulder" to remind us that life is precious and we shouldn't take it for granted.  A broken car is much less important than a broken husband.  I get it!  I am grateful!  lesson learned.  (The other guy was okay too).

Our kids came after Christmas and spent time with us into the New Year!  What fun we had together!
We hit the beach daily; ate ice cream; worked on puzzles; and just relaxed together.  We even got hooked on a few television programs and filled our evenings with " The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"."

A 1,000 piece puzzle challenged us all. be continued!

As a result of all this playtime with family, I did not make it into my studio to draw or paint.  I did play around with a quick colored pencil drawing, for the New Year.

It was done while I was binge watching .."Mrs. Maisel"

I do hope that we can have some peace of mind this year, but it is not looking good, at the moment.
I am going to hope for Peace and Plenty...and the Best of Health to everyone.

This is all that I managed to do....just starting on a bright
drawing of a sunflower.  Need to bring a bit of brightness
into our future, don't you think?

So, it's back to the drawing board.  The decorations have been put away.  The house is clean.  The "Season" has started down here in Florida.  (That means everything is busy - and there is theatre, house tours, Educational speakers forums, Winter friends filling the neighborhood, and guests arriving frequently.)  Between all the activities, I will carve out time for drawing and painting.  

Oh, I forgot one thing:  We have a new member of our family!  Meet "Blue"....he is doing his very best to help us recover from the loss of "Kiwi".  We think that he will fit right in, down here. 

Meet "Blue" - The very last of the VW bugs...they won't be making any more!

We are much more careful to check our rear view mirror when we are at a stop sign.