Friday, November 9, 2018

November notes

The Mid-terms elections have come and gone.....though, in my State, much is still undecided.  But, more people than ever got out to VOTE, which is wonderful.    Our political environment is still proving a challenge for me and my stress levels.  I am ever hopeful of better things to come.

In the meantime, I have taken up Yoga, to calm and balance my life.  I hope that it helps.  Right now, I am just feeling new muscles and aches, but I really like it, and I think that I see small (teensy, tiny) improvement everyday, in my well being.

It was a good month to get out my colored pencils, paints and pencils and get some drawing done.  I did a lot of sketching in front of the television, while watching a new favorite show.  I used my studio time as a way to find peace and serenity from the 'news of the day'.

So, here is what I have been up to:

pencil sketch (H, 2H, B)

pencil sketch

pencil sketch

We took some time out and went to St. Petersburg, Fl, to the Chihuly Museum.  It is a small jewel with blown glass beautifully displayed.  The movie that is available, is quite long, but if you are a fan of Dale Chihuly, just sit down for and hour (or two) and immerse yourself in the life and art of glass blowing on a large scale.  I would go back in a minute and sit through that film all over again.  The glass presented in the museum was just as amazing, though smaller than his museum in Seattle.

Each tube is blown by a skilled glass blower - with Dale's guidance and encouragement.

Perfect spheres were blown and placed in a boat.
I have seen this presented at the Denver Botanic Gardens; the Seattle Chihuly Museum
and in St. Petersburg.
Each one has been unique to it's surroundings.

Home again, to our back yard - the orchids are blooming!
You may see this painted at some point.
The blooms can stay for two to three months!

Colored Pencil Work

Fritillaria imperialis in colored pencil

This one was just fun to do and it went quickly.
That doesn't always happen.

a quick colored pencil drawing
of Peppers - a fun exercise.


Water color sketch of peppers
As you can see, I need a lot of work in water color.
I am going to be working on this a lot more in the new year.

Thought I would throw in an oldie
I did in colored pencil several years ago.

Curcubita in colored pencil

and last but not least,

a long ago watercolor.

I hope that you have the privilege  of spending time with friends or loved ones.  Gather those around you and have a pot luck or what ever, to celebrate the season's harvest..and each other.  Life is precious and the glorious food of the season is well worth celebrating.  


Every month

As long as there is gun violence,
I will post this candle