Friday, June 8, 2018

Art is on the back burner


Yes, it is steamy outside and very warm.  I forget about the humidity that builds up in the summer
and if I don't walk early in the morning, then it becomes a difficult task (which I may choose to ignore!).  Still, afternoon rains can cool it down so that outdoor picnics in the late afternoon can be wonderful.  Gardening can also be done, but one must choose between early or late, if you don't want heat stroke!

I would love to do this, but the HOA would have no part of it.
Sadly, we limit the creativity in large developments these days.
Sometimes, that is a good thing....and sometimes it is NOT!
(Leiper's Fork, Franklin, TN)

We have been enjoying our screened in porch.  It is definitely not as creative as the one below (that we saw on a recent visit to Nashville), but it is lovely to feel the afternoon breeze, while dipping into some guacamole & chips, with a glass of wine.  Yes, it is summer, at it's best!

Lieper's Fork,  near Franklin, TN

As for the gardens, we trim and care for the plants, but the heat is hard on all that grows here.  It's best to plant early in spring, and just let them be through out the summer.  

I love the clematis, but have no luck with it in Florida.
Just thought that I would put it in as a favorite!

This is what we get here!
It has it's own beauty, don't you think?

This is my birth family.
This was a summer day in Minnesota
back in the dark ages!

What I am working on during these hot summer days, is my family's geneology.  I have done the DNA testing, as has Sweet Hubby.  It was interesting to find out that some relatives are out there, but since no one on my Mother's side or my Sweet Hubby's side has managed to write anything down in fifty years, it has taken some digging to update the family files.  I have been slowly updating the Maternal and Paternal sides of both Sweet Hubby and my family.  Wow!  My eyes are crossed and I keep getting everyone mixed up, so it is slow going, but it is the perfect thing to do, and stay nice and cool, indoors, with air conditioning!

Here we are on an Easter Sunday.

I think that pigtails are making a comeback? 

Does anyone dress up for Church any more? 

We were a pretty cute foursome, when we scrubbed up!

I have been working on a few things.  The first was a gift for a new baby.  I love doing this for friends and their families.  I haven't done more than a handful, but I always enjoy the process, as it is different than the botanicals that usually fill my days.

A baby gift
made with love! 

I also went back to something that I whipped up several months ago.  I painted a Poinsettia plant and while it was wasn't popping, so I decided to add some gold paint to the background and  it did "POP"!!  Tell me what you think.  I might just create a few cards with it.  Who knows.

whenever I put these on the screen, I can see a dozen ways
to improve the painting.  Back it goes: to the drawing board!
Ah! the work of an artist can always be improved.

So that's it for this month.  Stay cool, but get outside and enjoy the days.  Even if modifications are necessary to enjoy the summer, it's still that magical time of beaches, Sun, fireworks, and fun!  


Peace * Harmony * Laughter * Love