Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Forward

It has been a busy month for me.  Spring gets very warm, here in Florida, and this Spring is no exception.  The garden is happy and the flowers are beautiful.  We have lots of Orchids, and they are tucked in everywhere.  I thought that I would share some photos of them, for you.

At a local Art fair, we found a bamboo holder for our Orchids.
It is working out just great.

I certainly do not know all of the specific names,
but they are hardy and happy for months.

We have tucked some Orchids into our palms
along with our Staghorn fern.

While our Orchids are thriving, so is the rest of our garden.  Sweet Hubby has been working on our Australian tree fern, and it is coming along nicely, after two years.

Can you see the baby fern, unfurling it's sweet leaves?

Eventually, it will be much taller.
(I had to get down low to give you an idea of what it will be like in the future)

Of course, our geraniums never go away.
These were found in the garden, when we moved in
 and have bloomed delightfully, ever since we placed them in pots.

some plants just have fabulous texture and style

Others live only a short time,
but their blooms are exquisitely elegant!

Our Garden is a place of Peace & Calm

Speaking of Peace.....

I have become a warrior for peace, these days.  My Sweet Hubby and I took to the streets on March 24th for the  "March for Our Lives".  We joined 7,000 of the locals and listened to Students and Teachers, who no longer want gun violence in their schools.  I can no longer stand by and do nothing.  I owe it to my children, and the future generations to help make their schools a place of learning and a safe haven for growth.

7,000 citizens marching for our children's lives

My favorite Quote was, "Arms are for hugging"

Art working

But, I digress..... I have been working,.....really!  

I have started a few projects and even found time to order up some cards from Shutterfly.  They always do such a nice job of printing, and I am continually pleased with the product.  

These arrived within a week of my order!
(No, Shutterfly is not paying me to promote them; I just really like their product)

I think that they turned out nicely, don't you?


Here is some other stuff that I have been working on.  I also have done some work that I can share eventually, but it is a gift for friends, so don't want to spoil their surprise.

Ok, this one is really out of season,
I was working with my watercolors again.
I am thinking of notecards for next
Christmas & Hanukkah.

I was 'playing with rocks' in colored pencil.

Cattails (Typha)
colored pencil

And lastly, I have been experimenting....

 I have wanted to do a black and white drawing with a modern edge.  This is what happened.  Ha, I think that I should stick to flowers and plant life, but it is good to try something different, every once in a while.  

"My Peeps"
colored pencil

It's been busy, and plans to get busier this month.  I may not get as much work done, but I am definitely going to make some time to "play" this month.  We may even go exploring.  

Peace - Harmony - Laughter - Love