Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Paper Cranes of Hope

Hello friends

The months are passing quickly, with many activities and visitors coming our way.  The Southern weather, has been a delight this past month, allowing me to get out and walk the beach or sidewalks around the neighborhood.  I have not shed one pound, but my spirit loves the water and the warmth.

Sadly, I am making paper cranes again.  I first made paper cranes when my husband was quite ill.  I am grateful to say, that he is healthy today.  The cranes were made for hope and they allow for contemplation, when I create each one.  I am now making them to send back to Colorado, to a friend who needs not only prayers, but paper cranes. I want to send him some "Hope".

I had forgotten just how tricky it is to make these cranes.  It took me many attempts, yesterday, to get one that actually looked like a crane.  There are so many instructions on the internet.  I had many choices to help me.  I ended up using four different patterns, before I figured it out.  (Some are definitely easier to understand than others).  I will share the results with you, before they are sent away through the post.

I went out and bought Origami paper,
 It proved much easier to fold than thicker art paper.
(the origami paper crane is red & white)

In February, our Amaryllis bloomed.  It was a double bloom - a Holiday gift from a friend.  I worried that it wouldn't open, as so many times, the bulbs never really make it to flowers.  But, bloom it did and it was grand.  I decided to draw it and create a colored pencil of the flower.  

First, I created a sketch, and then the cartoon (do you remember, from my last post, that it is the tracing paper pattern?).  I transferred the cartoon to Strathmore Bristol smooth paper. and worked in colored pencils.

The following photos are the stages of my work.  I still have some fine tuning to do, but it is mostly complete.  I don't frame much of my work any more, but I do think that this one will get a frame.

(I am sorry about the darkness of the sketch.)
I liked the composition, and started in the back ground.

...slowly filling in the space

Almost done!

It's complete, for the most part.
I finished up on details and then I let it rest for a bit.
I will come back to it in a few weeks, and see what it needs to be complete.

A quick question, if you find time to answer.... would you like to see cards made from this?   Let me know.  I am considering it.

I wanted to share one last thing.... 
The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, in Sarasota are presenting an Andy Warhol exhibit in flowers.  The Gardens always do a great job of combining an Artist's work and then translating it to the gardens.  I have thrown in a few photos to tempt you, if you are in the area.  It is worth seeing.

Interpretation of Warhol

February 11th - June 30th
Don't miss it!

An epiphyte world
 of Warhol!

If you are not into Warhol, the Botanic Gardens is still worth a visit.
This is Sarasota Bay!

So, with that, I will leave you to enjoy March.  For many, it is the season of storms, with snow and winter cold in endless supply.  I hope that you are in a place, where the buds are starting to show, but if not, I can always supply you with a touch of summer.  

                                                         Be Well.  Hope.  Be kind.