Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ground Hog Resolutions

Every Year, This is on my list of Resolutions:  EXERCISE

Patience Brewster says it with her art.  Get out there and celebrate your fullness.
I am approaching what I call, a BIG 0 year.  Ya know...25, 30, 35 etc

Yeah, well I have Social Security, so you can guess what "0" birthday comes after that!
I think it is time to wear purple, spread my wings and enjoy my spreading body,
I will Celebrate and be grateful that I am reaching for a big number, this year!

Until then:  I think I will get out and walk my three miles, today!

Patience Brewster
one of my all time favorite artists!
"Need I say More"?
Time for me to exercise!!

I have been exercising my hand and my head, drawing almost daily.  We stopped into Trader Joes a few weeks ago, and there it was:  a Purple Hyacinth.  Well, could I refuse?  We always had hyacinths in our garden, as everyone liked to say "Hi ya Cynth".  My sweet hubby, especially loved to have them and say "Hi Ya Cynth" to me when they arrived in our garden.  A sure sign of Spring. 

I brought it home and popped it onto my art table, and made a quick sketch:

Hyacinth Bulb
Quick sketch done in pencil and colored pencil

It didn't take long, but I was able to make a cartoon of the drawing, for further work.  I probably have told you that a cartoon is just a fancy way of saying "tracing".  With that done, I popped this in the mail to my daughter-in-laws, Grandmother.  She is ill and likes getting snail mail.  

I took the cartoon, and transferred it again.  This time, I took some time and created another drawing with pencil and an overlay of watercolor.

Hyacinth Bulbmixed media
graphite and watercolor

Lastly, I worked on a mixed media of the bulb, just as it was getting ready to open up.  The full flower lacked enough spunk to draw it, so I went no further than the following drawing.

Purple Hyacinth bulb ready to burst open!
The actual burst was a bit anti-climatic.
Mixed Media
(pencil, Water color, colored Pencil)

I will leave you with one last painting, done several years ago.  I went through my portfolio and found some drawings that just needed a little touch to bring them back to life.  In keeping with this month's Purple Theme, I will present a French Iris (actually, think it was a Japanese Iris),  painted from our Colorado Garden.  

Not "French Iris" - Probably "Japanese Iris
Mixed Media
Watercolor, Colored Pencil, graphite

We are still having cool weather in Florida, which is rather unusual.  The nights are cold, but slowly the days are warming up to 70ish.   It is good walking weather, so get out there and stretch those muscles in your body;  then you will have the energy to stretch the muscles in your brain.

By the way, I am joining the Instagram world.  I will show the good, the bad, and the ugly art work through out the month.  If you want to see weekly progress, you can check there....otherwise, you can check in here, once a month.