Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter Winds are blowing!

Old Man Winter is blowing down on us.
(This watercolor is copied from stonework,
from a castle in France that we visited in 2014)
He reminds me of Winter Chills.

Welcome to the Holidays.  We have finally completed our clean up of "Irma", that blew through here in the early Fall.  Our screens have been replaced, many of which, blew out in the storm.  With the back load of work, it has taken almost three months to schedule repairs.  We have spent the last few days cleaning up the mess that it left on our deck, since we did not take things out of storage, until repairs were complete.  Believe me, I am not complaining....too many others are in much worse shape, but it just feels so good to see a fresh clean patio and yard.  Let Winter come, and give the plants time to heal and grow with out the stifling heat of Summer.

So let the Holidays begin.
Holly & Mistletoe
are the seasonal plants,
along with Amaryllis & Poinsettia

I am "decking the house" this Holiday.

There is even a tree for the kids
and some joy tucked in every corner.

Even Santa is joining us.
This Santa was created by a dear friend, many years ago.

Sweet Hubby and I take time out to celebrate our holiday.
While much of our family celebrates Christmas,
we honor them with our tree.
But, our hearts are dedicated to Hanukkah.
Tuesday, December 12
we will light the first of 8 candles.

May your holidays be bright,
regardless of how you celebrate.
Love is Universal.

Peace be with you and yours.

(small mixed media work, taken from a past Holiday card.)