Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits!

Many years ago, when I was first working, my Boss told me of a superstition (for lack of a better word) that brought good luck.  He told me that if I said, "Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits" on the 1st day of each month, it would bring me good luck.  Even better, if I said it before anything else in the morning of this first day, better luck would come my way.  So, when I can remember, I say it.  It hasn't made much of a difference yet, but maybe, I have had great luck, without even knowing it.

Welcome to November.  This is when things start ramping up.  We are on a sugar high from Halloween, but looking forward to baking for Thanksgiving, and then all the Christmas/ Hanukkah treats that are sprinkled through the next month, create a sparkle until the end of the year.

Down here in Florida, the "Season" is just getting started.  There is always so much more to do each week, and it is fun filled and friend filled, as the seasonal residents arrive again.

One of the things that I enjoy doing, is going to Estate Sales.  There is a great App called:  "Estatesales.NET" and if you put in your zip code, they will let you know weekly about estate sales in your area.  We have found wonderful things - some big, and some small, but all intriguing.

Recently, I found this old cigar box.
I wanted to use it to hold art supplies.
But...when I opened this box up, this is what I found......

After I got this home, I realized that the box originally
held within it, a story.
The cigars were handmade in Kingston, NJ, for B&S
and I think that they were meant to be given out for a very special occasion...

Either a very special birth date...or possibly a wedding?
I can create a whole story around this box,
but I am certain that it won't be used for art supplies.

We are still taking short trips, called "Sploring".  We decided to head to Savannah, GA for a "Sploring" diversion.  We stopped in New Smyrna Beach, FL, as we headed north.  We walked the beach along side the cars that are allowed to drive on the beach for $10.  

There is still a lot of damage along this coast.
Electricity is still spotty as well as the internet.
Hurricane Irma really 'whacked' the east coast all the way up to & into GA

Once we arrived in Savannah, we walked the city and each of it's squares.  We always delight in this magical place, filled with great food, energy, art and SCAD, which is tucked into every corner of the city.  While we were there, several things were going on:  First, there was an amazing 'Rodin" exhibit at the Jepson Center, part of Telfair Museums.

This is Rodin's, "Gates of Hell".  When he lost this commission,
after the piece was completed, he took "The Thinker", "the Lovers"
and other parts of this masterpiece and cast them as individual pieces.
...and Rodin became wealthy from this lost commission.
(another great story, I think)

As we walked around the city, we found a different forms of art in the making....two movies were being filmed within the city.  Here was a quick photo of setting up a scene (which, took an hour,
to become 30 seconds of film).  Of course, security discouraged photos, so I could only catch a glimpse for you.  This film will be out in 2018, called "Killerman 2" (I didn't know that there was a Killerman 1!)  Also filming, was, "Antman 2".  The city bustled with excitement.

Tremendous work goes into films.
The set up, security, details that went into this one scene
amazed us.  By late afternoon, they were shooting around the corner.
The director shared with the gawkers, that they shoot from
sunup to sundown (often 17 hour days).

Now, back home, we are catching up and I am trying to find some time each day, to work on my art.
Slowly, I continue with this drawing.  Hopefully, by December, it will be complete.  

This is a colored pencil overlay of a pencil drawing.
Last month, I posted a photo of the beginning of the drawing.
 I am progressing towards the completed work.
It takes many layers of pencil to create the effect of each leaf.

Enjoy November, with it's cooler days and the beginning of the Holiday season.  I am glad for this moment of gratitude, in November.  It has been such a chaotic year.  Some years prove to be harder than others, with loss, health issues, weather, and politics.  So much anger fills the papers every day, that just taking moments out for gratitude, keep me going.  

Please leave a comment, if you can, about what you are grateful for this year, and what has been difficult for you.  Kindness in all comments is appreciated.


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