Wednesday, August 2, 2017

On the road and back - my continuing Summer..

Hello - We spent the last month traveling north to Maine, and back again.  It is always an adventure for us, especially with so much traffic this summer.  There were loads of cars and even more trucks that kept us 'at attention'.  We decided to visit some interesting places, going and coming and I would like to share them with you.  My art work was put on hold for a bit, while we explored and re-energized our spirits.

Our first stop was Athens, Georgia.  It is a beautiful University town, with a lively downtown.  Our only problem, was the huge sound & Light show that appeared out of nowhere.  Just as we were parking our car,  the lightening surrounded us, as claps of thunder roared overhead, and torrential rains fell from the skies.  Wow!  That cut short any possibility of exploration.  We will try again, Athens!

Next night, we stopped in Durham, North Carolina.  We wanted to visit Duke University and see their campus.  Founded by Methodists & Quakers, it was an intriguing place, tucked away in the woods, yet stunning in it's architecture.  The gothic chapel just knocked us out.  We spent the last light of the day, walking all around the campus.  Here is a peek!

Isn't this amazing?

Onward to Washington, D.C., where we stayed with good friends and celebrated July 4th.  There are nothing like old friends, to warm your heart.  We enjoyed fabulous food, friendship, and firefly's, as well as fireworks, seen from their front yard.

As we left Washington, we visited the Hillwood Museum, home of Marjorie Merriweather Post.  If you are ever in the area, this is a "must see", for both the beauty and the history lesson, that it provides.  Plus, the gardens are an added bonus.  

We drove up to Maine, and stopped at some of our favorite places along the way.  Of course, we didn't want to miss Freeport, with it's many shops & the ever famous,  L.L. Bean.   We also stopped at Stonewall Kitchen, to load up on jams and jellies and have their Lobster BLT.  Oh, My!!  

The Maine Botanical Gardens were our next stop.  This botanical Garden has grown exponentially and they have lots of plans in the works.  We saw some of our favorites, and lots of new things.  The Children's Garden is really the best one that I have ever seen.  They also have a fairy garden that was built with love by many little hands.  
This orb was placed along a path towards a contemplative garden.
Calming and serene

This bronze pinecone has been at the MBG since the beginning.

I added a little love to the fairy garden.

This was built into the fairy garden.
One little boy was quite busy building his fairy house, while telling his Dad,
"Boy, I bet everyone that didn't come with us will be really sad that they missed this"
That made me smile!

Of course, the flowers were remarkable, too!!

Moving on, we settled in a beautiful little cottage just south of Boothbay, Me.  It was serene and just what we needed for a few weeks.  We spent our time exploring, reading, writing and walking the islands and peninsulas of Maine.  The cool weather was just what we needed, and even showers and fog couldn't dampen our spirits.  

This was near our we crossed a small bridge to an even smaller island. 

The view from our cottage.

Oh yes, we had plenty of sunshine, too.

But, I loved the serene softness of the fog.

We loved the little dinghy's tucked into the cove.

The evenings were spectacular!  The sky was so dark, that we could see an amazing amount of stars.
We even had the opportunity to see the Northern lights on display, one evening.

It was nice to see flowers that we grew in Colorado, filling every garden in Maine.  We miss the simple daisy or Tiger Lily, which were everywhere.  

Darling Daisies and a Black eyed Susan peeking through.

A hybrid Lily, in the MBG


Tiger Lily

Oh, yum!

Bad news is that I got a tick bite!
This was after we dug him our and he didn't want to leave!!

I happen to love the entire Wyeth clan.  Andrew Wyeth was turning 100 this year, and in his memory, there were several art exhibits in the area.  We visited the Farnsworth Museum, in Rockland.  We also went out to see "Christina's House", better known, as the "Olson House", in Cushing, ME.  Andrew's famous painting of Christina Olsen and the many paintings of the house are iconic.

Christina's House in Cushing, ME.
tours are given daily

Andrew Wyeth is buried nearby.

The house has been repaired but not enhanced.
It tells it's own story about Christina and her brother
and the difficult life they had.
Andrew Wyeth considered them dear friends,
and they were loved and adored by all the children in the area.
Neither Christina, nor her brother ever married and
they both died within a few months of each other.

A view from their window

I did manage a few quick sketches
while I was in Maine

After leaving Maine, we took one more opportunity to explore something on Sweet Hubby's 'bucket list'.  He has always wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright home, "Falling Waters", which is just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  So, we drove to this wonderful example of modern architecture.  We had booked our tour way ahead, and splurged on the whole house, in depth tour, which allowed us to take photos.  We also found out that there was another FLW house nearby, called,  " Kentuck Knob".  Since, we just happened to find out at the last minute, we could not take photos, but we did get to take a tour of the house, which was one of the last ones that FLW designed and built.  You could see the many differences that time and experience. had allowed FLW to create.   so, here we go...the last of the trip, but a very real treat for us to see.

Falling Waters

These windows were far ahead of anything that had been created in 1935

This is a door leading down the stairs, to the water.
It is a part of the living room and was opened up, and used to enter the water,
on calmer days of late summer.

the corner windows opened for ventilation.

There was a view of the water from  almost every window

The cantilever patio has been completely reconstructed.

I fell in love with this staircase going up to the third level of the house.
Yes, it is an outside entrance, (but there was an inside entrance, as well)
The house was a summer home for the Kaufmann family, residents of Pittsburgh.

I will leave you with another view of the falls
To be there, with the sound of water surrounding you,
was truly an amazing experience.

And so it goes..... the end of Summer approaches and soon, school will begin for many, and the energy in the air will be different.  These summer adventures have been such a gift to me and Sweet Hubby.  We are grateful to have the time and energy to make these trips.  Soon, it will be too hard to drive for a month.  But, for now, I am thrilled that we can go exploring.  I learned something new every day.  

I hope your month is a good one.  I will have a lot less to report, next month, but I will be back.  💚