Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer fun, so far!

After returning from my father's funeral, I realized that I needed to slow things down a bit.  I found this Zen advice on Face Book, and thought I would share it.  "Em" created this for someone near and dear to her, and I took it to heart.  So, Thank you, Em, I pass this along to anyone who even sees this blog.  May it bring peace.

#11 is "Think about what is Necessary.

As we arrived home to "full on" torrential rains, for about a week, we discovered this in our bathroom.  It continued to grow and grow and grow until we had rain coming through our ceiling every day, with fear that the roof would cave in.  EMERGENCY!!  We called the roofing company to come out and fix it, which was not possible, since they could not find the source of the leak.

Believe me, this was just the beginning.
By the time we stopped the leak, it was bigger
than the entire square that is shown above.
Now, it is dry and covered in duct tape, until repairs can be made.

Well, You can guess what that means.....a New Roof.  It was not unexpected, but not exactly what we had planned at this moment in time.  So, we had to jump through some hoops to get the roof on ...Next up, was HOA approval...which came quickly (think they were sympathetic to the leak).  Then bids from the roofing company, and lastly, choosing a tile.  Which one would you have picked?  

Once that was complete, we moved on to the massive mess of stripping the roof of all tile.  I will spare you that photo.  Now, we are prepped for the new tile, which arrived today.  Within a month, we should look good as new.  We are also getting solar panels which will add to the expense, but will be a cleaner source of added energy.  

While I could not go outside (things were being thrown off the roof at regular intervals...a bit dangerous), I got busy in my studio.  I bought a new set of paints, which you can see on my instagram page: 

(on instagram) 

I used these new paints:  Kuretake 3700 paint set, found on Amazon.  They are rich and the colors are varied.  I created two miniatures, 3" x 4"      I have since, sent them to a most deserving young woman, who is a giver to all.  She has often praised my work and encourages me, though she is a generation younger than I am.  It's a surprise for her, but I hope it will be a nice one.

I found a birds nest in the bush
and did a quick sketch.

quick sketch from photo that I took many moons ago.

I did some quick touch ups with my small Winsor & Newton paints.
You can see all of the colors of the Kuretake set, straight ahead, along with
my hair bungee and eye glasses.  Yikes, I am a messy painter!

Last but not least, I started working on a wasps nest, that I carried with me from Colorado.
It is complete now, and I will show it to you next month.
It was done in graphite, with colored pencil.

If you can't wait, you can see this work completed on my Instagram page.

We are off on another adventure.  I will share photos next month.  I look forward to these adventures, but I also look forward to getting home for a bit and doing some much needed work.  August is a good time to get things done indoors, as the weather gets mighty muggy.  

I hope that you have a zen month, filled with all that you love and enjoy.  Take time to breathe.  Take time to honor some unsung hero, who encourages you or others!  There are a lot of them out there, and they could use a treat, or a hug, or any acknowledgement you can give.  Don't wait.  

See you next month!  

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