Thursday, June 8, 2017

Continuing Our trip....

There was still so much to share, that I will continue our trip, in photos.  The surprise of Ireland was the vistas....the grand views of green with cliffs or the ocean, or even serene mountain lakes.  The sheep were everywhere along the way.  They were not always used to our company...and their personalities proved the point.  They were used to having the land to themselves (unless, of course the sheep dog was called in to round them up).

We found places that were created before the Egyptian Pyramids.  No one is quite sure of their purpose, but Archeologists are working at trying to figure out just what might have been happening for these human beings.

Modern art work represents the opening of the caves
and the importance of the sun in the ancient times.

There were unusual trees that just might have housed small fairies.  See what YOU think.  Do you think that they might be tucked in among the branches?  I certainly thoughts so.

One morning, when visiting Cobh, we awoke to quite a surprise out our window.

We had gone to this small port town to study a bit about the great ships that left here for America  during the great famine, but also some famous ones left this port, with disastrous circumstances ahead of them.  Both the Titanic and the Lusitania left from this port.  Cobb (pronounced Cove) has an excellent museum to share these stories.

And then there are just the odds and ends of a trip, that sparked our interest:  Trinity College, in Dublin; Pubs along the way and beautiful doors and windows of many kinds;  churches and quotes , etc.  Enjoy the photos and I will be back next month with some artwork, I promise.



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