Sunday, June 4, 2017

An Irish Adventure

We had planned a trip for a year, and with my father's death, we were unsure of what to do.  However, after much thought and family chatter, we knew that we could go and come back before heading to his funeral.  He traveled everywhere in the world, and loved it....I think that he would have been pleased that we went.  So...

Are Lingus, here we go.....

We had a good flight to Shannon Airport and found ourselves bleary eyed, in Limerick.  It was the perfect place to start our trip.  Our hotel was gracious about our very early arrival.  What we would realize on this trip is that the Irish are always gracious, kind, helpful and warm.  We never met anyone that wasn't delightful.

We saw a little of everything on our trip.  There were:

Pubs on every corner - with delicious food and friendly chatter.

Sweet Hubby became known as "1/2 Pint"
He loved his Guinness!

Thatched roofed houses (business, in this case)

An old Sheepherders hut, made from stone.

a small beehive hut
used to house pigs.

Lots of ruins of castles.....

even some grand homes...

I mean....GRANDE!!!

We stayed in all types of places that we had found on the internet, and each one was lovely and unique, in it's own way.  We used trip advisor, and we will be recommending several places that were just outstanding.  I loved that we had city hotels, and country inns, along with B&B's with the biggest and most delicious breakfasts that one could imagine.  It was a good thing that we walked most every day and managed to top 10,000 steps easily, even when we had to travel (on the wrong side of the road!!!) for parts of each day.  We made a great circle around the Isle, and ended back in Shannon.

The beauty of the countryside, enraptured us.  There really is not a green as green as Ireland.  It is called the Emerald Isle, for a reason.  The biggest surprise was the variety of plants that we saw.  Fuschia grow wild and the hills were covered with Rhododendron, in every color.  Here are a few of the beautiful flowers that we found:

Calla Lilies, my forever favorites

Fuchsia growing everywhere

magical spots tucked in between the trees.

Even a Colorado Columbine

My thoughts, exactly!


Ferns of every description


There is so much more to share, but sadly, I need to get off the computer for today.  I plan to come back later in the week and share more about the Fairies that were tucked in the forests and glen.  I felt their presence and I know that they exist in Ireland.  

As you might guess, with all that has been happening with my life recently, I have not been drawing.  I do hope to get back to it very soon.  I started working on a piece in pencil.  I hope to be able to share a bit of that with you later in the week.

So, until we meet again, be kind, share the love, and peace be with you.  I will leave you with a bit of Irish verse, that I found along the way, in Ireland.  

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