Thursday, May 11, 2017

....And Life Goes On...the bitter & the sweet.

Life seems to go along at a steady pace and then...Kaboom!  Something happens.  Sometimes, it is extraordinary in it is a delight and at other times, it is just difficult to imagine.

I have been away, doing both of these things in the past month.  We were delighted to visit Seattle, with a bit of rain and chilly weather, for a very special weekend.  My niece got married to the most delightful man.  They are a bit older and wiser and have found a perfect match in each other.  Kaboom!  We celebrated their marriage, overlooking the Pike Place Market, on a blustery late afternoon.  The Sun popped out, just in time for a spectacular sunset.  And....all was well with the world.  

Here are some photos of Seattle - a lush city filled with good energy and great food.  We stayed at a wonderful B&B - The Greenlake Guesthouse.  If you ever get to Seattle, this is the place to stay!!

View from the wedding venue

view from the Chihuly Museum

Delicious feast after the wedding!

Chihuly Museum
A magical experience
Don't forget to have lunch in the Collections Cafe!


My gift to the Newlyweds.
Cherry Blossoms in Spring
Sharing the joy of their wedding day was so sweet.


Just as we were packing up to leave Seattle, our lives took quite a turn....more bitter than sweet.
My Father died quietly, in his sleep, on May 1st.
I can't say that I was surprised, because he lived to the age of 102 years old.  He lived a very full and satisfying life, filled with all that he wanted to accomplish (how many of us can say that?) and all that he had hoped for.  He started out small, but became a mega star in his field, and then gave back to this world, as much as he could.  We will miss him and it will be difficult not to have him in our lives.

The last photo taken of my Dad was at his sister's internment.
She recently died at 104,5
The longevity of these siblings is amazing.

We are off on another Journey, and then to a Memorial Service for my Dad.  
I will be back here next month
And hopefully, back to work on my art.

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