Wednesday, January 4, 2017

For New Year, the Color White!!

Christmas tree on our favorite beach

Winter days bring bitterly cold weather in the Northern U.S..  Everything is white and cold and bare in it's beauty.    Down here in Florida, we are also thinking white, as we walk the beach and enjoy weather in the 80's.  It has been unusual here, with lots of beautiful weather.  We will catch a bit of the cold, as that Polar Vortex dips down here, but only into the 50's & 60's.  It provides a nice change of pace, from the very hot summer.  

So, this month, I am exploring the color white (or a very light beige).  I have gone through the past year's photos and come up with some of my favorite whites. Hope you enjoy! 

Siesta Key provides us with sand castles every year.  The creativity is quite amazing, as they produce these sculptures in about 24 hours.  The sand beach is so fine that it is fun to walk barefoot through the Sculptures.  Sadly, after the festival, the castles are knocked down and smoothed out to re-create the #1 beach (2014, I believe) in America.

We walk the beach often.  This was on New Years eve!  The birds had gathered to celebrate with us.
We were on our favorite beach, where the shelling is great and there are celebrations with drums twice a week.  It is a great way to usher in the new year!

Part of our family joined us for the Holidays.  We spent every extra minute on the beach;  shelling, walking and enjoying people and families, celebrating together.


Right before the Holidays started, we made a very special trip
to a very special place.

I will talk more about it next month.  
Can you guess where we went?
The upper photo is a BIG hint, as the country
is known for these things.

I hope that the New Year brings you a few rainbows.
I am nervous for what comes in our future, but one thing I know for certain...
I will use my gifts every day to find the joy and the rainbows.

I cannot change the world, but I can be the best me, I have learned how to be,
and give my best efforts to this world of ours.
That is my resolution this year, and every year.

Lastly, I thought you might enjoy this 'out of season' sketch.
I was in front of the television and doodling away, when I started playing
with my #2 pencil.  

I like to throw a little art in to the world, every month.
See you next time!

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