Tuesday, December 6, 2016


 Oh My, what a month we have had....too much commotion for me, but then, we are moving into the holidays, with lists and lists of "things to get done"...so I am opening with RED...and the permission for all to have a mini-breakdown, before we gather our wits and just like the good witch, Glenda...flick our magic wands and get on with the holidays.  What is really important is the family and friends that choose to be in our lives.

Red is the color of the holidays.  Well, mine is blue, but most people like to deck the halls with Red, Red, Red.  It is a pop of vibrance, which makes the darker days of Winter, just a bit brighter.  So, I went through my archives and dug out some red from the past year.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Let's start softly, with the blush of red in nature

Ah, the beauty of a red rose - a gift of love!

The Amaryllis  is something that I have been working on for several years.
It is part of a pair that I played with, on and off, and on again.
I love to have an amaryllis growing during theHoliday season,  don't you?

When I started this, I used the 'cartoon' (tracing of my drawing) both ways.
It was fun to create two flowers at the same time, each with a different look.
Now, I must decide how to mat and frame this piece.  Any ideas?

So, enjoy RED, this holiday.  Do not panic, breathe deeply, and take a moment for yourself, as you work your way through the holidays.   

 Be ready to explore other colors in the months ahead.