Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Orange, the ever present, Fall color!

Fall starts with touches of colors and then it finds it's way into every tree and bush.
I love the pops of color behind the green leaves.
Florida doesn't enjoy a proper Fall, with bright colors all around, but if you look closely, 
it is there in subtle changes all around us.

yes, I took this photo!!  I got lucky!
We were on vacation.  I love bright colors.
I snapped the photo and there it was - Fall!

Don't get me wrong....I love the subtle colors as well.  This French
pumpkin, has the beauty of understatement.  To me, this is also 

Yellow of Black or Brown eyed Susans make me smile.
They come in late Summer and move into Fall with grace & glory.

Oh Joy!!
Mini - pumpkins of every shape, size & color!

Oh yes, Love the oranges - always!!

Bird of Paradise - watercolor by CJR, 2016

I saved my work for the last surprise.  See, we have Fall in Florida!  We just have to look for the oranges, that are hiding in plain sight.  I just finished this work, and it reminds me that Fall is here,
even when it is 85 degrees out side.  So, enjoy the season and all it has to bring to us.  Be grateful for what you have, where you are.  I am.  

'til next time.....

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