Monday, October 29, 2012

What I have been up to recently.....

We arrived home just a few days ago
to snow....the sun was out and the
snow was all mixed with the leaves.

It was our own special Fall and Winter,
thrown together to greet us.

This is a long promised graphite
drawing, that I worked on over the Summer.
I have been exploring Graphite
and watercolor combined.
It's definitely different for me,
but it is expressing where I am at the moment.

When we Left, we went to Los Angeles to visit my Husband's Sister and Brother in Law.  It was hot but sunny and we were able to do some museum trips, along with having wonderful dinners at their house every night.  What a treat to spend some time with family, and then be able to head to Maui.

(Somehow, my photo of the Getty Art Museum was deleted
but we spent a lovely day enjoying this amazing Art
collection, surrounded by beautiful gardens)

We also visited the Nixon Library, which was just too
close to miss.  We are on a quest to see ALL of the Presidential Libraries.  They are a wealth of information and history, no matter which political party you are aligned with at the time.

David's Sister persuaded us to drive to
Pasadena, to see the Norton Simon Art Museum.
Oh, how I wish that we had more time.  It was just
fabulous, and tucked right in the city.
There were a wealth of Degas paintings and sculptures,
plus many more masterpieces.  Oh my!

But we were only able to spend a weekend in L.A., before flying off to our destination of Maui.  It is a favorite of ours and we will be letting go of our very special vacation spot, so we decided to spend extra time there and do all the things that we love so much.  The weather was perfect, and half of our clan were able to join us (how we wish the other half could have been there).  I will show you some of our favorite spots.... husband's passion.  Maybe, you can see why, from this photo.  This was one of his favorite places to play, and why not?  That is a view of Haleakala, which is the resting volcano, right across the valley.

This is our kid's favorite breakfast spot, right next door to our place.  We love to go over there for the worlds best breakfast, on the ocean.  It's called the "Gazebo" and it's been there forever, and probably will be for a very long time!
(yes, that is me, walking down to get a place in line...usually takes an hour to get in.  The Gazebo is the pointy roof that I am walking towards).

...and this is our breakfast view in the morning!!
Seriously, a ship was coming into Lahaina for the day.
That is the island of Lanai, behind the ship.

Even when it rained, the surfers were out...and the sun was trying to shine.  We had only a few Maui showers, but they were spectacular.

We went "up country", to our favorite Lavender Farm
the view is always spectacular of the valley (this is directly across from where Sweet Hubby was playing golf)

The Lavender Farm grows Lavender, but also has a
Botanical Garden filled with many local plants.
One of my favorites is the Protea, as shown above.

We eat out on our small lanai, almost every evening,
as we would watch the sunset.  Sweet hubby would grill
local fish, and I would toss a salad.
A perfect way to end our day and our stay
on an island that we love deeply.

So that has been my journey this past month.
My thoughts now are for those who are on the East coast of the United States, trying to stay safe through Hurricane Sandy.
I wish them a safe passage and peace.

As for the elections, I also wish that it will bring
peace to so many, who are so agitated by this election.
In the end, we must learn to listen, work together,
and be kind.  I have never heard so much rhetoric, and vitriol,
as I have in this election.  I think there is a more respectful
and peaceful place to come to in our future.
It is important that we try.
Peace to you all.

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Gail said...

I finally took time to look at your blog. My heart was sad for you as you shared your moments in Maui. It is so beautiful. And then you were welcomed home by snow, of course. Your graphite nest is beautiful and the tiny egg? Hummingbird? Thanks for the tour into your life.