Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello....I almost made the decision to disappear from the blogosphere.  

In this fairly transparent world, one can be a bit vulnerable when sharing too much.  However, I popped on the blog today, after an extended absence and realized that my followers are still out there and supportive.  So, I plan to stick around....Share what I love....Photography, words, and art.  It will definitely be more sporadic, but hopefully, you will enjoy it, when I do pop in for a visit.

I have packed up my entire kitchen, given away many things to the universe....and had to throw away some stuff that made no sense.  For instance.....How many canning jars do you need, when you no longer 'can'?  Well, I found someone that loves to can, and passed them along to him.  I also returned all the vases that I  had received flowers in, over the years, to the local florist.  They were thrilled to have so many vases.  All the stuff that I gave away, will help my kids, local charities, business or friends.  I do feel lighter, somehow.  Now,if I do that to every room in the house, I will have accomplished something BIG!!

The kitchen won't be started until spring, as our contractor needed shoulder surgery.  His recovery will be slow.....and we can wait.  We will be traveling...and we have the bare necessities in our cupboards.  It is a good feeling to have less.

Now, I am going through the house, packing up, for a much needed vacation...and then a relocation to a warmer place, while I leave this abode in safe hands.  Retirement (sweet hubby's.... Not mine!)  has created a new lifestyle of projects, travel,  and movement.  Most days, I love it.

I have actually finished several pieces of art....which I will share soon. 

Thanks again, for the kind comments....  And I am glad that you loved the lilies as much as I did.  What an amazing and beautiful plant.

Happy New Year to our Jewish friends.  

Blessings to both candidates, who, in my humble opinion, could be using all those campaign funds for helping the world, instead of making those of us in swing states...totally crazy, from the  endless phone calls and television ads.  Peace to all.

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