Thursday, September 20, 2012

Graphite class R.:  Graphite, water soluble graphite,Water colored soluble
graphite & water color, carbon dust

Recently, I completed a class at the Denver Botanic Gardens, in Alternate Graphite.  There are so many ways to work with this medium, that I was quite curious.  I never did explore the graphite oil pencils....but I was able to work on this drawing with several other graphite mediums.  The photo has made the drawing appear a lot darker.  I is not as dark, as shown above.

I am very familiar with graphite...and I used a water color paper (fabriano 140 hot press).  I think that a smoother paper would be more ideal for this medium.  The water soluble pencils were a blast.  I had so much fun with them.  You can put the pencil down on the paper, and then play (and set the graphite)with a small water color brush.  I also had some water colored soluble graphite pencils, which were very similar to the black graphite ones, but the colors were a bit subdued.  I chose to add a touch of water color over the top, to give the aspen it's golden color of Fall.  Lastly, I worked in carbon dust...which is a very delicate medium.  The pencils tips are rubbed on rough paper to create your source of carbon....then a dry brush (very small) is used to apply it slowly to the paper.  I had a lot more difficulty with the nuances of carbon dust.  I am definitely planning to work in this medium again, as I think that it could be delightful.

With graphite, I need to work with less of a 'heavy hand'.  It is so easy for the drawing to become darker than anticipated.  A light hand is a definite plus when working in this medium.  

Okay.... that has my my art discovery of the Summer Season.  Next time, I will share my good old colored pencil work.... a project which has taken most of the Summer months...and is not totally complete (needs that resting period and some finish work).

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Gail said...

LOVE the leaves. Thanks for the explanation. You are definitely a very patient person for working with the carbon dust. That leaf is as fabulous as the others. Yet, I imagine it took much longer to complete? I so love your work. Thanks for posting whenever you are able. Even once a month is fabulous.