Friday, August 17, 2012

Feedback....very nice...

It has been wonderful to get some feedback on the blog.  As always, it is a spiritual lift, to know that there are people out there actually reading it.  I also found a few followers that I didn't know about.  I am still thinking about this whole sharing artwork on the web.  

For years, I had a great sight on the web that I could sign my work before putting it on the blog.  Not that you can't erase that and use it, but it just let people know that there was some level of ownership by me.  That lovely website 'sold out'to a much bigger source (google) and I haven't found a new one that allows me to print on top of the art work (without signing your work away to the that particular web base).  So, I pause to think.

I promise to let you know by the end of this month.  I am so glad that you all have enjoyed my work and are out there.  It does my heart good.

Okay, so I finished a few fun of which I shall share today:

"punkins'  Crr

Thinking about Fall...

I can feel it in the air on these
crisp mornings. 

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Gail said...

Pumpkin time! Fall is so your season and your art shows this season well. I wondered why I did not see your signature on your art works lately. I wonder if you could write to Google and ask them to re-instate the 'signature' feature? I have shared some of your works on my blog but always mention your name and then list your blog site. I want the world to see what you do.