Saturday, July 28, 2012

Play time in the Rockies

We have spent the week with our kids...exploring Colorado.  It's fun to share our adventures with family.  We never expected to get up to Pike's Peak (I am not very good with high altitudes - an understatement, if there ever was one....and I am not very good with large drop offs...brings out the fear in me).  However, with the kids cheering me on, we made it!!  

I may not be back for a few more days, but I had a moment to post, and sort of missed checking in with you....

So, here are a few shots of our adventures of the week!  

Picking up the kids at the airport,
in our (I wish) 'bug'.  Just kidding!
This car is covered in beads and is a work
of art.....and on display at the
Denver International Airport.

Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs

Balancing Rock is on the right.
The road went right between the rocks.
Kids loved this one.

Leaving the Garden of the Gods road,
and heading up to the top
of Pike's Peak.

Okay, now it is getting serious.
We are above timberline....just rocks up here
and of course, Tourists in cars!!

The air is getting pretty thin at this point!

We are at the top.
This is where Katherine Bates
was so awed
that she wrote, "America the Beautiful"
upon visiting the top of Pike's Peak.


The valley below was stunning from the top.

Yes, that says, "14,110 ft.

"Rules of the Road"
There is no room for error on this road.
The rules are made for a reason.
There were lots of people at the top,
who were struggling with the altitude,
so the cautions are clear,
so you get up and down the road safely.

....And not to forget the fires....

The danger of fire was still very high.
Even though this sign is fuzzy,
the message was clear.

There were many "thank you's" to
the Firemen along the way.

We continue to have a lot of will share more next week.

I hope that you are having a good week.  See you soon....

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