Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Dear.....

I just checked in and realized that my
last blog was on July 11th....

I don't think that I am gaining on this
summer stuff.  I just seem to get
further and further behind.

but it's all good, so no worries...

It's just that we are trying to make some
order out of chaos.
Sweet Hubby is at about 80% now, so
the garden needs tending, the projects that
were put on hold seem to loom LARGE!
....and my kids are coming for a visit.

well, not all of them, but half of them.

I am cleaning, like a busy beaver,
I am getting the guest room ready,
and filling the fridge with favorites.

can you tell, I LOVE having the kids come!

So, it doesn't seem like the blog is going
to get much more attention than the garden.

I hope you will consider 'benign neglect'
an opportunity for you to go out and play,
just like I plan to play a bit.

It's Summer!

1 comment:

emily j. cole said...

Enjoy time with your kids -- the blogosphere can wait! :)