Monday, July 2, 2012

Calm again....

Life is calming down again.  Sweet Hubby is walking two miles on crutches....working on transitioning to a cane and actually driving a car (very short distances).  What a huge sense of freedom for him.  This is a good thing.  

I look forward to a renewed spirit for art work and an opportunity to get out and photograph or in the studio to draw.

With heat up in the high 90's, we walk early and then take a break in the afternoon.  it's a bit too hot to do much, other than read.  However, I am loving the simple luxury of reading in the afternoons.  Who does this?  It's a grand idea, I think.  

Okay.... maybe, next week, I will be back on track.  I am just letting the universe take me where I need to be.  

The Fires are calming down.  There has been much sadness and heartbreak with these fires.  There were so many houses lost and more importantly, people.  However, the fires are contained and there haven't been any more started.  I pray that the firefighters get a much needed break.  

The storms in Florida have passed....moved through Washington, D.C. and north.  I know that Florida is getting back to normal...and I am wishing the same for the East coast.  It's time for a bit of calm.

No fireworks here.... too dangerous, for sure, this year.  I think we will watch some on T.V.  

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