Saturday, July 7, 2012

Benign Neglect

My yard is suffering from 'benign neglect'.
I have not been in the garden to work on it,
for five weeks.  You can tell.
Sweet Hubby usually gets in there and cleans
out the weeds, grass, clover, etc,
and I love to give the haircut.
As you can see, we have done
...none of the above.

However, given that we have done so little,
the garden has managed to sustain itself
with a bit less water and no maintenance.

Sometimes, 'benign neglect' is not so bad.
Sweet Hubby did get out there today, and
did some weeding  on a very small scale.

I took a few photos of the flowers and
the yard....with hopes of getting in there
this week and cleaning up just a bit.

Hope your post 4th of July weekend is relaxing.

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