Thursday, June 14, 2012

What to my wondering eyes should appear????

One of the last things we did in Omaru
was an expedition to watch the yellow
eyed penguins.  We waited  for 2 1/2 hours.
without a sighting.
We were chilled to the bone and ready to
leave when a local man stopped us.....

"If you can wait just 15 more minutes, you will see them"
This darling man of many years was a local that had come to see the Penguins every Saturday evening for his life time.
He had named all six of them and knew their habits.
So.... we waited....
And they started walking right out of the ocean, visiting with each other and waddling along in total comfort....


Once again the local man, came up to us, cautioning us to be quiet.  He then pointed to the grasses right below us.
Lo and behold, their was a yellow eyed penguin that had scaled the steep cliff and sat, not ten feet from us.  There, he would
rest for the night and his partner would join him.


That is about as good as it gets for us.

So, we left New Zealand on a high note.
Our heads were in the clouds!
What a magnificent country
What special people.
We could learn a thing or two from them
about kindness and caring...
helpfulness and sharing.
I am grateful for this journey.
(but. I was happy to sleep in my own bed, too!)


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