Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Day.....NZ

Aren't these magical, as well?
It's always something.... and these are the Moeriki rocks
which are naturally rounded by the water.
Sweet Hubby wasn't so impressed, but I certainly was....

How do they get to be perfectly round?
You just have to enjoy the beauty.

The beach wasn't too long, but the rocks
did continue for a bit.
I couldn't take these home....just too big!!

Then, on to Omaru, a small historic town
with an air of creativity all around.
There were bicycles to stores...
retro dress shops,  and even a steam punk museum
(a whole movement....might want to google it).

See..???  Steampunk HQ
It doesn't get better than that!!

Want to rent a rusty bike?? neither....but
the Historic District was a delight.

Tomorrow, ( I am a bit limited for time in the next few weeks...let's just say ' Next Blog' ) I will share the last and best magical moment of the last evening in Omaru.
Then we drove up to Christchurch; dropped the car off; took off for Sydney and then home to Colorado.  It's been a delight to share this with you and I continue to work on some art to share next week).

Hope your day is a good one!

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