Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time warp...

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would be in the studio..... I thought I would have large blocks of quiet time this summer......

Well, that is what I get for 'thinking'.   Sweet Hubby is making a good recovery, but with six weeks on crutches....and no driving allowed (or much of anything else, except walking), I have lost all track of time and have little of it to spare.

One doesn't realize how much a mate helps around the yard, house, and neighborhood, until he can't help at all (can't even bend over or lift, at the moment).  

I am fairly certain, that this summer will not be a time for painting in the studio.  So, I am just going to pop in on occasion and let you know how we are progressing around here.
SW (that would be, "Sweet Hubby")is walking a mile a day now..... very motivated with the new hip.  

The smell of smoke is in the air, as we watch the skies around us from fires, both north and south of us.  We pray, daily, for rain, and hope that we get it without any lightening (which has started two of the fires....possibly more).  We are also praying for the firefighters, who are risking life and limb, to save people and property. 

On our other front (Florida),torrential rains have caused flooding and sinkholes all along the Gulf side.  It will take a lot of elbow grease and sunshine to clean up the mess that this tropical storm has created.  So, far, our kids are fine.

So, there it is....  

I will be back when I can. 

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emily j. cole said...

Thinking of you! Hope you're safe!