Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Prize in my book

You may have noticed that I have been away for a week.  Sweet Hubby had a brand new hip put in to replace his old one.  The healing process will slow us down for a bit, and I may not get to the blog as frequently, but I am around, and when I get a minute, I will complete the last two posts of the New Zealand trip.  Then, it's back to showing some work that has been completed (yeah, I was surprised, as well...that I have gotten anything done this month...but I am working a tiny bit, when I can....)

Happy Saturday.... we are on the mend around here!

As we left Dunedin, early on a Saturday morning,
we stopped off at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens.
We were the only ones wandering in the upper gardens,
but as we made our way down the hill, we were able to
get a lovely view of the entire city.
I, especially, loved the cafe which was in the shape
of an umbrella (and where we enjoyed a delicious Breakfast)

The Green house was lovely, and filled
with ferns and also many cactus.

Every corner of this Botanical Garden had some surprise for us.
New Zealand prides itself on it's Botanical Gardens, as well
they should.  I have never seen as many beautiful examples
of garden design....any where.  That's not to say that there
isn't another wonderful spot on the globe that  doesn't have
wonderful gardens, as well.  This is just the best I have seen,
especially for the size of the country.

FIRST PRIZE: Botanical Gardens

Oh, and did I forget to mention.... the Aviary, tucked away on the hill.  The gardens cover several levels going up a steep hill...and at the top (near the upper parking lot), is
a magical spot with many rare birds of New Zealand (along with a lot of other beauties, not indigenous to NZ)

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