Friday, June 1, 2012

A Castle for Alice....

We made our way to Lanarch Castle, for lunch, and ended up spending three hours visiting the gardens.  The owners of the castle have trusted their gardens to several 'magicians', who have created a magical place.  They snuck in a theme of "Alice in Wonderland" and if you are clever and observant, you will spy the special treasures through out the flora.

I love nooks and crannies...
There were plenty of discoveries to be made
in the gardens.  Every corner surprised and
delighted us.

I couldn't believe the view from the hillside
of the Castle.  You could see for miles and miles.
More magic, is all I can say!

The 'Romantic' in me saw a wedding here.
It was foggy, but if you could see in the distance,
you would be thrilled by the hills across the water.

Looking back at the Castle from the front yard.
(Don't you have a front yard like this??)
Alice, where are you!

Well, I found her Chair,
or is it the Queen of Hearts?

.... and hiding in the tree, of course,
is the Cheshire cat.....

Where ever could Alice be.....?

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