Monday, May 14, 2012

We stayed at a lovely Inn in Waneka.
This town was situated around a lake, and
was full of travelers, hiking, biking,
boating, Etc.  It was a relaxing place for us,
after some hard driving days.  We walked and soaked
up the sun, on several mild Fall days.

A walking trail to the town was just a block from
our Inn, so we ventured around the lake and into
town for a long black and a flat white
(yes, more espresso... by this time we were hooked!)

This town reminded me a lot of Aspen or Vail,
in that everyone was into outdoor adventures,
and the houses were as lovely as any I had
seen in New Zealand.

Okay, I couldn't let these vans
not be shown.  I think 50% of the vehicles
in Waneka were Vans....every type and style.
I just thought this was adorable.
What a fun way to travel.

Of course, Juicy Vans were everywhere,too, in
their glorious green and purple colors.

As we rested on a bench, a group of ducks
came up and sat down with us....
soaking up the sun.
Talk about tame!

The weather was starting to get a bit cooler.
It was Fall in New Zealand.  Some of the
trees were starting to change.

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