Saturday, May 12, 2012

Up and Over

Several friends mentioned that the food was
not that great, but we found delightful meals
in almost ever place we went.  I just thought
that you might enjoy a peek at another great dinner.
Yeah, and the wine was pretty wonderful, as well.

Heading up and over the mountains,
took us about nine hours in the car.  It
is not that far, but when you are going around
40 mph, it takes awhile.
We also made several stops along the way.
This one, was at the top of the mountain
range, in Haast.  A small, but amazing visitors
center.  Ask to see the movie... about $6, and worth it.

We took a quick five minute hike to this stunning
waterfall.  The water that ran down the creek from
here was the most amazing green blue.

As we headed down to Waneka, from the mountain
tops, we drove along a very long lake.
The town is snuggled in at the base of this lake.
It is charming town, where we stayed at a charming
Bed & Breakfast. (more photos from Waneka,

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