Monday, May 21, 2012

Some days are harder than others....

We awoke to clouds, but left early
on a bus, up to Milford Sound.
Sweet Hubby wasn't feeling well....
our first clue.....

Because the road was very curvy and tight,
we took a Real Journeys Bus Tour.

Here we stopped at Mirror Lake.
The sky had cleared and the mountains
looked beautiful.

As we got to the top of the mountain,
Sweet Hubby's food poisoning kicked in.
Not pretty....Not fun....
nothing we could do, but keep moving..

The rain started, as well,
so we hung on.
Our bus Driver, Curls, was a Saint.
She did all she could to help out.

A piece of good luck!
We were able to see a "KaKa", an indigenous Parrot.
Sometimes they are out and about but sightings
are sporadic.  They love to eat the rubber seals,
off the car windows....
which this Parrot, eventually,
started doing.  

Traveling isn't always easy.  There are days when everything can go wrong.  However, even though this was one of our worst days (it is never fun to be sick, especially on a bus!), there were
kind gestures all around and loving care in a most difficult situation.  

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