Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sharp Rain

I recently read a blog that describe a British rain as a sharp rain.....   That is what we had in Arrowtown and Queenstown.  With hard rain and lower temperatures, it became difficult to spend an entire day outside, so we would step inside a pub for coffee, lunch, snack, dinner.... anything to keep us out of the pouring rain.  As I have said before, there is a certain beauty to a rainy day..... but still, it is not always the best for wandering about outside.

We stopped at a Winery, just before the rain
started.  I have not altered this photo...
It was stunning.
(the nets are used to keep the birds from
eating the grapes, which were being harvested)

Arrowtown is a very quaint, but the shopping
is not.... a fun town on the weekends.
We slept at a small Inn which was the original Jail.

The apples loved the rain....

The mushrooms loved the rain.....

Walking the Queenstown Botanical Gardens
Not so much fun in the pouring rain,
but the gardens were spectacular!

The mountains around Queenstown were getting
their first snow on this day.  The town was being
washed with rain.  I had every layer on, and I
was freezing.  Cold and wet do not agree with me.

Queenstown was just a jewel of a city, tucked among
the hills.  I wish that we had more time to explore
it, but that is the nature of traveling.
Sometimes,you have perfection in timing and travel,
and sometimes,
you take what you can and enjoy that you at least got
to see it.  

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