Friday, May 25, 2012

Seriously Odd Tree

Lot's of photos for you today, to tide you over for Memorial Day Weekend.  We have a lot of fun planned for the weekend; seeing old friends, and celebrating the Bolder Boulder...(none of us are running or walking this year, but we plan to celebrate, anyway!)
I hope you have a great weekend.
We will also take some time out to 
remember those who
served us.

This is a seriously odd tree which we came upon.
Actually, it was a wind barrier....a long line of trees
that were bent over.  Of course, the morning fog, helped to
give it a curious look.

The fog burned off and revealed a beautiful day.
It won't be long now.... and we will be on the
other side of New Zealand!

Do you ever 'treat' yourself when you are on vacation?
We do....and these lovely old bottles made our
Coke breaks a lot of fun.
My other treat were Snicker's bar.
I love vacations!!

The hills were filled with sheep
in their pastures,
as we drove along the highway.

Well, blow me down!
We arrived in St. Clair, right outside of Dunedin.
We were shocked and surprised to find that our hotel
was right across from the surfing beach!
It was a bright and sunny day...seems like everyone
kicked off work early and donned their wet suits.
We had a great time watching the surfers, and walking the beach.
(yes, this was a another magical moment....also, there were
fabulous restaurants all along the esplanade...
it doesn't get much better than that!)

Fun, fun, fun!

Looking back on the esplanade.
Our hotel is on the right (lots of glass)
this photo looks back on the hills of St. Clair.
I could live here!

We met many friendly folks on our beach walk.
Loved this place!

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