Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heading South along the coast

Many mornings, we awoke to mist and fog,
especially as we headed south down the
Western coast.  Often the afternoons would
brighten up and we would see sunshine.
With 370 inches of rain (in the Milford Sound)
and probably an easy 250 inches of rain along
the lower coast, things are always lush and green.

I made Sweet Hubby stop so I could
photograph this sign.  The Possum have really
affected the indigenous Kiwi, so the
Kiwi are now protected and the Possum
are hunted to keep their populations
in check.  The Possum fur is used with the
wool to create items that have a super
warmth to them.  Thus, control of Possum,
life for Kiwi, and some really neat products
as the result.

We had hoped to hike at the Franz Josef
Glacier, but it was pouring, and Sweet Hubby,
was having some hip troubles.... so we took
a photo and continued on our journey.
Travel is like that.... you can't always
choose your weather.
(you can see the glacier as the white space
in the 'v' of the mountains)

We stayed in Hokatika.  It was a favorite
stop for us.  We found more smooth stones
on the created a pattern with
them, on our deck....knowing that I could
NOT put these in my luggage.
Hokatika is also one of the best places
to find and purchase beautiful
greenstone (Jade) which is an important
part of the Maori culture.

This is truly the brightest sunset that
I have ever seen.  It was just
magnificent.  We had a lovely cabin
on the beach, which allowed us to sit
and enjoy this beautiful moment.
(every trip has some magical moments,
and this was a big one for us!)

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