Friday, May 4, 2012

Driving down the Western Coast

We stopped at Pancake Rocks,
as friends told us not to miss it.
I am glad that we listened.
We happened to hit high tide,
when they are at their best.

I am not great with heights, but I was determined
to see these mighty rocks that are a part of Maori
history.  If you click this photo to increase it's size,
you can read about the significance of these Punakaiki.

The powerful Tasman sea pounds against the
layered rock. The name "Pancake Rocks"
came from the layered look of these formations.

The sea was fairly calm, so the blowholes
were not at their best (however, I was
impressed with the power of those waves
crashing through the holes).

Here is the spray (about 50 ft. high)
after the waves came through the
blow hole.

Lions and tigers and bears.... oh, my...
What animal shapes do you see in the rocks?

Flax grows everywhere and is
used for weaving.
Someone took the time, on the trail,
to weave this flax.
This is one of my favorite photos.


Ferns, Ferns, everywhere...
Also, palms of every assortment,
along with flax.  The flora just
takes your breath away.

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