Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caves of the glow worms

Once we were both feeling a bit better,
we took a lovely walk along Lake Te Anau lake.
We were able to visit the
"Fiordland National Park Visitors Center"
which had a wealth of information
about the area.

We were not daunted about a trip on the lake.
We, again, chose "real Journey's" for
our trip across the lake to see
the Glow worm caves.

This one is hard to see,
but there was a wedding going on
in the boat across the way.
The Bride & Groom looked most relaxed
and waved to everyone on our boat.

A beautiful and creative wedding!

It was lovely to get out on the lake.
Again, it looked much like the fiord's
of Norway, only today, the sun was out!

Arriving at the dock, we walked up the hill
to a center, where 'glow worms' were
explained (let's just say...they are tiny
worms that glow in the dark, as they hang
from slender threads in many caves)
We walked into the caves, quite a distance,
and then stepped into tiny boats to explore
a grotto lit with glowworms.

It was a bit like a "Disney" excursion,
but a lot of fun, too.

A nice way to say g'bye to Te Anau
Milford Sound.

Next up.... we will head across New Zealand (which only takes about 4-5 hours) and visit some very special places on the East coast of New Zealand.  Our Journey is winding down, but it has certainly been quite the adventure (with a few more magical days ahead).

I head back to Art Group tomorrow.  This is the first time in over six months that I have been with the group.  I am looking forward to getting back into the studio, and doing some work.  I am sure that it will be quite 'rusty' for awhile, but I hope it is like riding a bike.....and I have something to show you soon.

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