Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beauty in the travel

I didn't know if I should start sharing some of the beautiful photos of New Zealand flowers or continue on the journey.  There were so many unusual plants, or at least ones that do not grow as profusely as where we live (lack of moisture, I do believe).

I think that I will complete our Milford Sound adventure, and pop some floral photos into tomorrow's blog.

As we climbed up the mountain to the Sound,
the clouds would roll across the highway.
The last part of the journey was made
in complete fog.

Here is Milford Sound.  (totally socked in)
At this point, the tour takes a boat out on to
the sound and the views are much like the fiords in Norway.
Of course, Sweet Hubby was headed to the showers,
while our tour director found a washer to clean his
clothing.  We relaxed and rested for a few hours, until
the group returned and we could get back on the bus
to go down the Mountain.

With the constant rain
(yeah, 360 inches per year),
there are always waterfalls.

On the way down, we stopped at the Chasm.
We were given umbrella's and walked the lovely
quarter mile trek through some stunning landscape.
The fresh air was just what we needed.

This was our bus for the day.
Real Journeys was a top choice for
this excursion.  I would choose them
again, if we get back to New Zealand.


When the skies cleared, we were delighted.
The sun does eventually come out.
The the mystical feel of the rain and clouds
was pretty spectacular.

Now, back to Te Anau to rest and recuperate.

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