Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to NZ Adventures......

Well, now that you know a little bit more about me, we can get back to the adventures on the south island of New Zealand.  We took off from Nelson, into the hills and valleys and curves with more curves....whew....toward the west coast and Westport, a small but cozy town near Cape Foulwind and the Tasman sea.

Westport is not a huge tourist town, which made it quite a delight to visit.
We enjoyed one of our best meals here
(the touristy places had the worst food, sorry to say).

Just outside of Westport
is Cape Foulwind
It is just a stunning spot on the
Tasman Sea

The Sea is so rough here, that
sailors could not land their
vessels, hence the name.

The waves blast through the outcroppings
and create great spray.  The waves were mighty!
Flax is in the foreground, a source of
most weaving for the was growing
everywhere along the coast, and inland.

Collecting rocks or shells,
it makes no difference to me.
There were no shells on this beach,
but the rocks were as smooth
as anything I had ever seen.
I couldn't resist them!

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