Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one is for my sister

Making our way to the South Island of New Zealand meant taking the ferry and getting off at Picton…then driving two hours over to the town of Nelson, tucked away in the wine country.  We wandered the town and realized that the Anglican Church was at the end of Main Street and about 500 steps up the hill.  There is quite a story to the Church, which I promised to share with my sister, an Anglican Priest.  It's a bittersweet story, in a way.

We arrived late in the afternoon and started our
drive to Nelson, winding our way through the hills
and valleys, passing wineries along the way.

The Anglican Church is the cornerstone
of the town…. but more importantly,
this church has become the Diocese for the South Island,
because Christchurch was the Diocese, until the
earthquake a year ago, destroyed the foundation
of one of the most beautiful churches in NZ.
Sadly, the structure is so compromised that it was
decided that Nelson should take over until
some solution could be made.

Here is a photo, taken in
front of the bell tower,
looking out over the town,
and the harbor, beyond.
(If you look closely, you can see the Nurses Strike
at the base of the stairs).

I sure hope they got the pay raise they were
requesting.  I love nurses…. they are the best!

Walking around to the front of the church,
we enjoyed beautiful flowers.  Now, remember
that at the back of the church is a large
bell tower….
but the front has a little different look!

Here is the front.  No steeple!!
Do you want to know why?  Well, I guess they
built the steeple, but cracks appeared (and since
earthquakes are a problem through out the north and
south islands…) they opted for no steeple.
So, there you have it….
Nelson is now the Diocese
for the Anglican Church,
all because they never built
a steeple.
(Well, that is the way I am writing this tale)
I am praying that Christchurch finds good solutions
for their church, and the city can come back
to it's former, beloved self.

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