Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Over the Mountains and through the woods…

We headed West toward the Tasman Sea
and a small town, Westport.
The roads were always a challenge, but
I think someone on a Motorcycle or sports car,
would be in their element.
For me, they were too narrow and curvy (and I
was not even doing the driving!)

One lane bridges meant stopping to assess
just WHO had the right of way,
and then proceeding slowly.
However, I thought they were
charming and practical.

Sometimes, other countries just have better
ideas.  It's hard to miss what this road
construction light was telling us, and it
might just save the life of some person
out there holding a 'slow/stop' sign.
(However, we did see plenty of workers,
who were holding signs…
just liked this idea a lot!).

Tomorrow, I will share a personal post.  I was tagged by Emily over at "BLAG" and she did this about two months ago.  Since we will be on the road again…. I thought you might enjoy reading some random thoughts about me, and some questions that Emily posed for me, as well. It took me a while to come up with some of the answers!   I am going to tag someone else, as well,
so, hopefully, they will be reading this next blog.  

We have had quite a Winter of traveling.  It is time to settle down for a while in Colorado.  I will be grateful to be in one place for a bit.

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