Sunday, April 15, 2012

On to Wellington….

Carving wood and weaving Flax into intricate
shapes and patterns is an art that is worth
keeping in the culture….. and here is an example
of one of the classrooms for carving in Rotorua.
I was mesmerized by the intricacy of the carving.
Abalone shell is used to accentuate the wood
(usually to create eyes)

This is an advanced carver,
working on a very intricate Maori

After leaving Rotorua,
we headed to Wellington
(where we would put our car
on a ferry to the South Island)
We had the opportunity to visit the Te Papa
Museum which is filled with Maori history and art

The Te Papa Museum sits next to the Wellington Harbor
where we just happened
to see some Dragon Boat races.

Don't forget to do your taxes !
There is still time, but hopefully, you have already sent yours in to Uncle Sam!

Hope you get a refund!

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