Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leaving Australia…..on to New Zealand

We flew to New Zealand and who should be on our plane,but the "All Blacks" (New Zealand Rugby Team).  They won the World Cup last year, beating France.  They are more than beloved by the Kiwi's….they are AWESOME!  I wish that I had known how famous they all were, as they ran up and down the aisles of the plane.
I missed some great autographs.

The next really big thing, was learning to drive on the left, with these narrow two lane highways.  You heard correctly…. this is as big as most of the roads we drove (notice the wide ..ha,ha..shoulder  NOT!!).  It took the two of us to navigate, each and every day….and some of the mountain roads were crazy!!

yes,  oh, yum…… that is what they are called.
Every morning, I had a 'flat white' and David had a
long black (just another name for great coffee)
Honestly, this is the best coffee that I have ever had,
and it was consistent through out the country.
I will miss this so very much.

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