Friday, April 13, 2012

Leaving Auckland for Rotorua (North Island)

We wanted to know much more about the Maori.
so we headed to Rotorua, for our first opportunity
to learn more.  These joyful people are related to
the Native Hawaiians and you can tell.  The "Ohana" spirit
is everywhere (that is the love of family).  We smiled
at the similarities and envied the spirit in which they live.
They are also artisans in carving and weaving.
I fell in love with their skilled hands, which
created amazing art.

We decided to spend an evening, learning more
about the Maori Culture and customs.
They shared games, dancing, singing
and a feast with us.  A delightful and inspiring
evening of joy and laughter.

Rotorua is filled with geothermal
activity.  There are small and large
geysers, as well as mud pots, and hot springs
through out the area.

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