Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have been tagged…...

I thought you might enjoy a break from the trip…..for some fun that came across my desk about six weeks ago.  I didn't have time to answer it then, but I didn't forget….

I enjoy reading Emily Cole's "Blahg", and she enjoys mine.  Before we left on our trip, she 'tagged' me.  Here are the rules:

There are six rules.

1.            Post these rules.
2.            Post 11 random things about yourself.
3.            Answer the questions set for you in the original post (i.e., Emily's for me).
4.            Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.            Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6.            No saying, "If you are reading this, you're tagged."

So here goes:

11 Random things about myself:

1.  I love Blue…. any shade of blue….just love it!

2.  I am a mix of Norwegian, Dane, & Scot (basically, a Northern European Mutt).

3.  I love to draw "dead stuff" (seriously, I love the plants that are a bit static).

4.  I will opt for warm and sunny over cool and rainy, any time. 

5. My favorite treat is lime sherbet!  Oh, yum!

6.  I grew up in Minnesota (brrrr…) and left for sunshine and warmer temperatures of Colorado, and now, the warmer temperatures of Florida, when we can.

7.  I love to read and always have several books going at the same time.  My list on the right of this blog is about half of the books that I actually finish.  

8.  I was Captain of my High School Swimming Team (now, that is an oldie but 'goodie', for you).

9.  I am a 'closet' Interior Decorator - always love fixing up, changing, creating spaces.  Some of the Interior Design blogs are a favorite with me.

10. I love to travel, but I am always happy to get home, too. 

11.  I hope that I always have a shell in my pocket, and sand in my shoes (Or when I am in Colorado... a rock in my pocket and red dirt on my shoes!)

Emily also asked me several Questions, which I will now answer:

1.  Who is your favorite Band/Musician?
Well, hands down it would by my son, Andrew Douglas Rothbard!  Now, I have two daughter in laws that are amazing musicians, but Andy is my favorite.  My other son is the brilliant writer of the group.  Sorry, Mom bias plays really big here.

2. Where does your furthest away relative live?
That is tricky, because when I am in Colorado it would be my Florida Niece, and when I am in Florida, it would be my Nieces, in Washington State.  So, I guess "Niece" would cover it!

3.  Are you a nail biter?
Nope… My nails are always stubs, for some reason, so there is nothing to bite.  

4.  What was your "Major" in College?
My Major was Elementary Education, with a minor in Art.  My father insisted that I either become a Nurse or a Teacher.  I passed out at the sight of blood…so I didn't think that was a very good option.  I love kids, but I am not very good at teaching them, so I never put that major to good use.

5.  What was your favorite vacation as a kid?
Well, back in the day, we did not take a lot of vacations.  The highlight of my childhood was a one month vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida, when I was in first grade.  Our entire family went, and all four kids were taken out of school in February (some Winter month).  We rented a house near the beach. leaving a bitter Minnesota winter behind.  I think that is where the love of sand and surf started.

6.  What gives you the biggest thrill?
Well, again, hands down, any time spent with my kids.  This seems to get harder and harder, as their lives fill up with "life". Getting together as a family is nothing short of a miracle, these days.

7.  Have you ever sold anything on Ebay?
No, but I keep thinking that I should….or else, open a store with all my 'stuff'.  This summer, it will be a garage sale of epic proportions!

8.  What is your favorite TV show of all time?
Ed Sullivan.  That was a Sunday night special time in our house. We would have a giant bowl of popcorn (as the main meal of the day was at noon, on Sunday) and apples.  The show was quite amazing for it's time and any and every kind of entertainment would be shown.  That's where I first saw the Beatles, oh, my!

9.  Have you ever run in a race?
Yes, I ran in many races over the years.  I have two favorites. My favorite was the "Bay to Breakers" in San Francisco.  It was an event!!  Also, for years, I never missed the "Bolder Boulder", which is on Memorial Day.  It holds so many wonderful memories for me.  Recently, we have walked it, but in the last few years, that has not been possible.  My goal is to get back on track and walk it, again.

10.  If you could live anywhere but where you currently live, for one year, where would it be?
Maui… so dear to my heart.  I love the people first, the land and ocean second and the lifestyle!  It is just the best place ever.  

11.  What is your favorite thing in Life?
My husband and kids (in law) are my favorite thing, but after them, it's Nature.  A favorite thing would be to take a hike in Colorado, with the kids, and just enjoy the beauty all around us.  It just couldn't ever get much better than that (well, being with the kids out doors and exploring nature any where, would pretty much do it for me).

Thanks, Emily, for all the great questions.  It took me forever to think about this and to get it answered.  I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me.  

Next week, when I get home, I will 'tag' a fellow blogger, and have some fun questions for them, as well.  Stay tuned!

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Emily Cole said...

Cynthia, I LOVED reading this! Thanks for keeping it going! :) I am officially a Minnesotan again - Robb & I moved into our new home in St. Paul on April 1. Kinda crazy being back in the Twin Cities!