Friday, March 2, 2012


I bet you thought I fell off the turnip truck again..... nope..... just laying low.  It seems that I do not acclimate well to altitude....yet, again.  We are in Colorado, where the snow is trying to fall, and it is a lot more chilly than Florida, for sure.  I have been 'under the weather', as I often say when I am here.  I get wild headaches upon re-entry...and a general malaise.  Yuk, hate that part of coming home.

However, we plan on seeing many friends here, before we leave for Australia and New Zealand.  I am nervous and excited (mostly, I think, about driving on the 'other' side of the road").  Everything else, I am totally revved about.

So, I just had a moment to say 'hello'.... and I might not get back here, before we leave.  When I get back, I will have beautiful photos to share.

Just a note:  the crocus were peeking up from the ground when we arrived.  It is a sure sign that Spring is getting closer.

Happy thoughts of Spring!

Looking forward to the fuzziness of Green.

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